Fishing for Tuna, Stripers, Bluefish, Cod, Haddock, Bass


Friday, August 26, 2013
Just back from fishing in France with the family. Weather was sunny and very hot with practically no wind. Macks, flounders, bars ( same family as our bass but smaller} and many other species.
Now I am back in business here, seem like I miss a lot of good bites, Bass are big and plenty, well I will know this weekend. Boat never look so clean, time to put some scales on it.

Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2012

Fishing report for the season 2012

Black Back Flounder.
May and June where 2 fantastic months, Winter Flounders big as a serving plat ( 3 flatties scaling 4 Lbs one 23”) many others up to 3 Lbs and a lot of 14 to 16” the best days see 70 and 80 fish caught. For the last few years Flounders are back in big numbers almost like in the old time, but the fish now are in good health with nice colors and very fat.
I wish Flounder fishing last all summer, this is my preferred time of the year.       
Striped Bass
Starting in the late May, with the new arrival of fresh fish from the South. First charter was May 25 in the morning, using my special made umbrella. John Podesco and 3 friends caught 10 Stripers from 29” to 36”, that was the beginning of the season. June was also very productive, with many big fish, the biggest of the month was 48Lbs. What was strange, they were all keepers, no short around..
July was a slow month, each party took fish to take home, but a lot of ground have to be cover.
August and September where good months, fish started to eat crabs and lobsters in the rocks, so doing my routine rocks and piles bring nice fish on board.
October was the time to put the boat away for the winter.
Looking forward a real good Flounder season starting in May.
To all my customers, thank you for such a fantastic business in 201


May fishing report
The month as been fantastic with the FLOUNDER, many, many fish caught in a 5 hours charter. Some days 70 to 80 fish come on board with only 4 people fishing for them. Average size is 14 to 16” with few over 3 LBS, one was just over 23”.
Bass, I only make few trips because the Flounder fishing was so good but on one extra hour after fishing for the flatties I got, 3 bass from 36” to 43”. Another day a 4 hours charter bring, 4 bass from 33” to 36”the fish where full of herrings.
June promises to be one of the best in years.

Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2011

Spring ( May & June) was the best ever with the Flounder season starting the first week of May. Limit out on every trip. A bonus May 7 the first keeper Bass on a Flounder rig was caught. On May 13 Mark Kaufman from NY with 3 friends caught 75 Flounders, keep 40 big one to take home. On the 16 of May John Codero from NJ and 2 friends caught 65 Flounders and 6 keeper Cod in a 5 hours Charter. My best couple Paul and Aimy Thibault got 60 Flounders and keeps 24 nice fat one. Flounder where still there until the second week of July. Every day the fishing was very good. I wish May and June where here all year, I love Flounder fishing.

July was on a good month for me with nice size Stripper. The biggest was 48 LBS on my special umbrella. Most of the fish where in very deep water of Graves Light chasing Mackerel. All fish where keeper size, very seldom to see a Schoolie in the mass of fish.
August was also a good month with a lot of bait around, found the bait and I was in business. Bass and Blues where biting well, the inert Island produce best for me. Fishing in 6 to 12’ of water, trolling my umbrella between the rocks sometimes 10’ or less from the Island wall make the trip very interesting. Best day on a 4 hours trip produce 25 Bass. The party keeps 8 for the grill.

September was the month of the North Channel, almost every day a huge school of fish will feed on small bait that will last for few hours. Light tackle fisherman got a ball catching stripper over30” on 10 lbs test braided line. Many blues where keep for the smoking house.

October, just like the year before the fish disappeared over night, by the middle of the month no fish was to be seen.

Now I am fishing Florida, where the fish are biting.
Hope to see you early spring for the best Flounder fishing on the East coast.


After the North Easter storm in August the fishing slowed down considerably. The big number was not there but the size of Bass was wonderful.

On a half day charter, I will do 8 fish but more then half will be 30" or more.
Russ Sparin and this 2 brothers on a 4 hour charter did 10 bass, 6 of those where between 30 to 40.
Cleaning the stomach of the 40" I found 2 chix lobster freshly eaten.

Wind and some rain did not help the fishing.

Surprise…. Fishing Hull gut on a tip from a friend produced nice BLACK SEA BASS average size 14"some up to
2 LBS ½. I am hooked, October on my day off Hull Gut will be.

Steam Black Sea Bass with a Beurre fondu, fresh lemon juice, chopped Cilantro and hot sauce. Dinner for a King.
Now I am few weeks before wrapping up for the season, my mind is in Florida. November and December is prime time in South West Florida. My inflatable will be ready to go.

Fantastic fishing BASS and BLUES outside the Harbor.
Starts at 6 30 AM after the Sun comes up and Birds are everywhere picking a bait fish, mostly Mack's and Herrings 3 to 4" long. Tackle any tackle will work, forget the soft plastic, the blues destroys those in an instant. Trolling will bring the most fish, casting will bring the bigger fish. The average size now for Bass will be 27 to 33" with some big one up to 35lbs. Blues run around 10 lbs with some up to 15 lbs. My best casting lure all around is a pink diver Bomber, for trolling, 4"red rubber tube on a umbrella ( can bring 3 fish at the time). Best catch was a 30 and a 15 lbs Bass on the same umbrella. Even small 40 lbs Bluefine Tuna where jumping out of the water by Graves light accompanied by Dolphin. On the offshore scene. Tuna is on the slow side but Cod is excellent, average Cod is 10 lbs, some Haddock in the mix. The weather as been the best, with low or no wind. As soon you leave the dock the temperature goes to 10 degrees lower and that is a plus.
The future looks really good for the fall, can he be better!!!!!!!

What a month, fishing as been great. Outside the Harbor, all away to Nahant, school of big Bass shows up in early morning. The ticket to catch fish is to found the travelling school, fog as been a little problem to see the birds working the surface of the water. Smaller Bass can be found in the Harbor like the Airport or Castel Island, but the inert Harbor as been deserted with the water reaching over 70 degrees. Mack's was a good choice of bait, but why loose time when my Umbrellas works so well.

The weekend was very busy on the water with a lot of boats around, on the week day, no boat in sight an easy pick.

Tuna, many Tuna on the Bank, the problem regulations change almost every day, now 29 to 59" fish is good to keep. Live Mack's as been the best for the size of those fish, trolling as been good to. Early morning trolling and change to live bait.

August sound very promising with the water cooling off a bite. Many bait fish in the Harbor with no Bass around. That will change as soon the Mack's leaves and the water cool off.

Hunting time, to find the fish you have to travel until you found the bird.
The first 3 weeks in June as been phenomenal, each day 40 or more Bass come over the rail; best day was 18 keepers from 29 to 42". Average keepers a day was 8 to 10. The biggest was over 30 lbs. The fishing was mostly outside of the Harbor in very deep water. The Bass feed on Herrings and Macks.


What a week, although we had fog almost every morning the fishing was great. On Friday we caught 32 fish over 2 1/2 hours of fishing. Sunday over 50 Flounders came over the rail and we kept 24 for the roasting pan. That day was non stop catching, they where between 17" and 20" and fat. If the weather doesn't get to hot, we should have these fish until the middle of July.

Bass arrive with the Mackerel, mostly on the rivers and the outside ledges. The umbrella did a job on a school of bass out of sunken ledge, the biggest was 42". A lot of big bass south of us are following the bait and coming our way. The future sound good for the 2010 season.

from the "Patriot Ledger" newspaper Quincy, MA

Roger Brousseau spends as much time on the water as weather allows. That's a big part of the reason why the well known Boston Harbor charter captain and former chef and manager at the Neighborhood Club in Quincy avoids the cold weather by heading for his home in Bonita Springs, Florida each fall.

This year, Brousseau's long trek didn't work. He got to his house without any problem but he didn't get away from the cold weather. It followed him south. That's why he wasn't optimistic about the weather, or the fishing when I contacted him a while ago to set up a fishing trip with him while I was visiting that area in late March.

"I won't guarantee fish like I do in Boston," he said. "I'll guarantee a boat ride but the fishing has been very bad. It's 38 degrees this morning and the water is just 58 degrees."

By the time we got together for some fishing, the weather had started to warm. Still the cold water surprised me when I helped Brousseau launch his 10-foot Achilles inflatable into Bonita Springs' backwaters. The air temps were in the fifties and the water still felt cold that morning as we worked up toward Little Hickory Pass, just south of Lovers Key State Park.

Brousseau was not expecting fast action. He hadn't had any this winter. Between the record cold and persistent winds, he had managed only a handful of trips all season.

We started tossing some lures and Gulp shrimp on light jigs all over the flats in front of the pass with little effect. We got a few hits and Roger released a small trout but he decided it was time to up the ante a bit. We switched to double rigged jigs with cut shrimp and headed over to Big Hickory Pass.

A flock of brown pelicans bombarded some fish right off the beach as it curled into the pass and dolphins charged back and forth just beyond them. That's not as good a sign for anglers as feeding gulls and terns up here but it at least showed some signs of life. We tied a rope to the roots of a blowdown along the channel and drifted some shrimp. Roger got a double right away, a pair of jacks he flipped back into the water. The action slowed.

We headed back to some flats in front of Little Hickory Pass. With an east wind, the waters were calm for a quarter a mile off the Gulf coast and we ranged a few hundred yards offshore where we still had just two or three feet of water over a sandy bottom. Brousseau felt that the sun would be warming that water quickly and hoped for some faster action. He was right.

He picked up a whiting which went into the cooler right away. I added a Spanish mackerel to the dinner menu and then we hit an unexpected stretch of action….from sharks.

This wasn't even close to being a sequel to Jaws. These fish were small hammerheads of some sort, perhaps bonnetheads, anywhere from 15 to 36 inches long but they hit our shrimp tipped jigs hard and fought well. Roger got the three footer and it was all his light action Ugly Stick could handle. I added a black tip shark to the mix.

Despite the steady action at the end of this multiple species tour, Roger was still wondering about the impact of the late cold weather on the early spring fishing.
"Last year the Pompano were everywhere at this time," he recalled. As of our trip, he had yet to see even one. "We did have a lot of fish kills this winter."

That problem made lots of anglers wonder whether fishing would be a bust this season. Two weeks of sunny weather has changed that feeling. Brousseau emailed a fishing report as I wrote this saying that the Pompano had finally shown up and that the sea trout were everywhere. He limited out quickly early this week and, ever the chef, told me all about his favorite recipe: pan fried sea trout filets topped with lemon, capers and cilantro served with summer squash and tomatoes spiced mixed with still more cilantro and some garlic. He was equally enthused about the meal and the return of good fishing.

By mid-May, he'll likely be preparing that same meal with winter flounder instead of sea trout as he gets back to running Midnight Charters. The winter flounder action has been good enough in the last few seasons to spark a return of some long lapsed charter customers who had fished with him years ago when flounder fishing made Quincy famous all along the East coast.

Still, even as he looks forward to that early action, he's worried about the shrinking size of stripers in our area. His charters found lots of bass in Boston Harbor last year but smaller keepers and shorts dominated the catch. He'd like to see the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries reinstate the single fish per day limit on bass to help the stock recover.

But for now, he's enjoying some renewed fishing action in Florida and just hopes the bad weather doesn't follow him once again.

Hello from Florida,

This year is sure a different year, cold, windy just tuff for fishing.
Yes, Sheephead, Pompano and some Grouper can be catch, but you have to work hard at it. Wreck fishing produce better. Out of Gordon Pass few miles out we have many small wrecks to fish in 20 ft of water. Lead head sweeten with a piece of Shrimp is the ticket to put fish on the table. Water temp is in the 60th, we need the 70th to have those fish moving.

Back to Massachusetts
I see Quincy Flounder in my dream,
3 months and my dream will come truth. Morning fishing, sun coming up, water getting warmer and the flattie going crazy on my chum line. That is life. I got a bet with Capt Jason Colby, who will catch the biggest Flounder this year, I need a 4 lb or better, help me to beet Capt. Jason.

Pack your bag and try Quincy Bay Flounder and Cod fishing

I will start the season for flounder and cod in the middle of May and end the first week of July then,
Striped Bass. Last year the season was excellent. Big Flounder up to 4lbs (recorded with the Marine Fisheries), market Cod in the mix and few Tautogs up to 8lbs, even some Black Sea Bass come out of
the rocks. I am sure my Clams chum and my fresh Sea worm did the trick. Try the 2 days deal (discount);
I will make reservations for Hotel and Restaurant for you. I started Flounder fishing in the Bay in the 80th
when the Flounder was phenomenal; after many lean years we come to a very good crop.

Hope to see you on board of the MIDNIGHT IV

PS. Check my weekly fishing report on the FISHERMAN MAGAZINE.

2009 was a good year in the whole

May be not a super year but a good year. Over 1500 Bass come on board. From the beginning of the season until middle of October, the fishing did not slow down.

It was a different year, the fish was not at they habitual hang out, rock piles, ledges. The best was to travel, look for a sign either by sight or fish finder and then we where on. My tab for fuel was a little over $ 4000 take a bite out of the profit. The numbers was good, the size a little smaller, still some good fish come over the rail; the biggest was 39lbs.

I belong to a program for research on Striped Bass and I send over 250 samples of fish scale to the Marine Fisheries, all fish where over 28".

To all my customers, thank you and hope to see you in 2010.

Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2009

Fishing report for the week of August 17, 2009

Monday 17. Don Pegle party of 4., from Oxford Alabama. Boston light produce 3 nice BASS, Ram Head with 3 Bass over 33", Lower Middle with 5 BASS on the smaller side and Long Island bridge with a 13Lbs BLUEFISH.

Tuesday 18. The Tavernelli Family from Weymouth did fantastic. An afternoon trip by Boston Light bring BLUEFISH and BASS. The fish where on small bait, so we switch to smaller umbrella on 20 lbs braided line.

Wednesday 19. John Moon from Hull wanted to do Lunch of Spectacle Island, a little fishing, on 40 minutes the Moon family produce 5 BASS on Lower Middle, then wanted to see the SALEM in Quincy. What a day!!!!! That was John second trip on the last 4 days

Saturday was cancelled due to travel schedule.

Sunday 23. What Hurricane BILL will do, let wait and see.

This week all our fish where caught on my special UMBRELLA.

Captain Roger's Donated Trip for MSBA Kids
By Dave Davis

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Tern Harbor marina as we boarded the Midnight Charter. Capt introduced himself to all the kids and made sure they all had life jackets. It was a fun scenic ride out through the harbor out around Webb State Park. Capt Roger pulled up beside "Draggin Fly" Bill Smith who held up a nice striper for the kids to see. They all went crazy when they saw that fish. After that treat we headed out through the harbor through Hull Gut and out in between all the islands in the bay. After a little ride we arrived to Capt Roger's secret honey hole. Now the fun begins baiting seaworms on all those hooks. This I can see is a full time job between taking fish off and baiting hooks. I offered my assistance. I was baiting away putting nice big juicy seaworms on all the kids' hooks. When I hear a whisper in my ear, 'Eh Dave we only use half a worm for flounders' - whoops! sorry Capt Roger. As you can tell I myself have never been on a boat flounder fishing either. The lines went in the water and man we were into fish right away. After catching quite a few flounder we were boarded by the United States Coast Guard. They were very nice and Capt Roger passed with flying colors. The Coast Guard guys agreed to a group photo with the kids - that was great! I think the best part of the day besides catching a lot of fish was Capt Roger cleaning all the fish. The kids were simply amazed with so many questions. I think you would have to be a science teacher to answer all those questions, but Capt Roger answered all of them. My son David and I had the best time ever on this trip. We both thank you very much. And a big Thank You! to Bob Pizzi who by the way had to work!! I would highly recommend Capt Roger and the Midnight Charter for any fishing trip.

Reel tight lines to Capt Roger
Dave and David Davis

P.S. Capt Roger we hope you enjoyed your 48th anniversay dinner with your lovely bride.

Fishing Report for June 21st
Voila: Monday 15, afternoon, mostly fish North Shore, River Beach right on the Beach, SOME WEED but nice fish. The Arnold party of 4 took 22 Bass on a 1/2 DAY CHARTER. Keep 3 up to 35"

Tuesday 16, the Malloy party father Bob, son Bobby 6, daughter Kathleen 10 and uncle Tom from Braintree took 12 Bass we started to late fish on the bite much early.

Thursday 18, took a Pursuit 30' from Freeport Maine to Quincy on choppy sea. The trip last 6 hours.

Friday 19, took the owners from THE WESTMINSTER Oyster Cracker company from Vermont on a 1/2 trip.
18 Bass Keep 3 for the grill all caught between Spectacle and Castle Island.

All week I fish with my Merry Widow Umbrella. No fishing report for Flounder this week.

Fishing Report for May and Early June
Plenty of big Flounder around limit out almost on every outing.
Cod are here to many on the smaller side but very fat. Tautog shows up the first week of June a 7 and 8 Lbs.
Most of the day I chum for Flounder but some days drifting make the day, biggest Flounder up to now was recorded to the State 3 Lbs 9 Oz.

Striped Bass arrived, plenty of Mackerel to catch for live bait. Most of the Bass are few miles offshore drifting or trolling live Mack is the ticket to BIG BASS.

In the bay some school of smaller Bass, check the birds and you will find Striper.
On Saturday June 6th after my morning charter, I took the juniors from the MASS BASS ASSOCIATION for a
3 hours ground fishing plenty of big Flounder, after 2 hours the kids got enough fish and we come back home.

The next day was my first afternoon Bass charter. Starting at 3.00 PM, by 3.20 the first Bass come on board a fat 33" on the next 10 minutes another 30" the rest of the afternoon produce 6 other fish. The water was to ruff to get live Mackerel so we use lures.

Fishing report for the week of May 11, 2009
Scout for Bass, some under the bird a little difficult to catch, the school moves to fast.
Big Bass are on the way, Mackerel in Minot light Big Bass will follow in the next weeks.
Cod, inshore to many under size.
Flounder, even with bad weather (strong wind and choppy sea) this weekend we did excellent. Very few short, all fat fish. Mark Haufman from Long Island NY got a ball catching these’s flat fish on a 2 days charter.

Week of April 6, 2009
Fish all over if you can get out of the West wind, Gulf water temp 76 degree.
One day offshore, see the first Tarpon of the season but no taker.
Big Jack Crevalle on white bucktail with a piece of fresh shrimp.
Pompano still here best bet, Red 1/2 jig a killer. Red fish are on the edges not a lot yet.
If you can avoid Cat fish, Snook are on the beach's, fresh shrimp only.
To finish FOR DINNER Sheephead are on any jetty, piece of fresh shrimp work well,
Just an hint, set the hook before you feel the bite.
For May, Flounder in Boston Harbor will be in full swing.
Reserved 2 days on the row and get $ 80 discount.

Week of March 23,2009
A lot of Pompano on a 1/2 oz red jig, Sheep head are biting on fresh shrimp. For the big fish this week we target Black Drum average 30 Lbs on Squid, Snook are here to catch on Pinfish many keepers, Red fish are
not on the list this week. The weather is getting hotter but the water still 70. No Tarpon is sit yet. Still I consider this week was a good week.

Fishing report for the month of January and February 09
For the 2 last months water temperature as been very low (low 60th) and wind are in full force from the East, North East. Fish are sluggish not on the bite mood. Lady fish, Pompano, are the most fish to catch, trout and red only on the hottest day in the afternoon. Bait fish are in and out, cloudy water make difficult to catch them. Fresh shrimp still the best bait.

Artificial lures are D.O.A. shrimp, 6" shad pearl or chartreuse color, and red very small jig for pompano.

March month will be a lot better with the water temperature rising to the 70th.
Hope Tarpon, Red and trout will make them way to the shallow water.

Florida fishing report.(week of 1/12/09)
The week was not made for fishing, North wind and cold temp make the fishing on the slow side.
Fish 2 days on the lake, small bass on jig sweeten with a root beer curly tail. On the salt water side the trout are here in good numbers but the cold water make them sluggish. 3 hours of fishing and a dozen of trout around 17"and 2 red around 4 Lbs. Slow retrieve with a 4 " chartreuse color shad is the ticket for medium size fish. The big tides and the wind don't help.Next week the cold front will be pass and I am sure the fishing will be much better.
Flounder charter are coming good, yesterday I got 3 trips booked for June. I believed 2009 will be a very good year for Flounder.

Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2008

2008 Fishing Summary

Well another season has passed, and winter is knocking on our door. I would like to thank the crew at FISHERMAN MAGAZINE; Ed Nowak (field editor), Ron Power (outdoor writer), and Ricardo Cruelle (chief advertiser). I would also like to thank Captain Bill Smith for being my coach every morning. Let's not forget John Cumming with the biggest BASS of the season at 38 and 40 lbs. I would be remiss if I did not mention Ed Keohane and Norman Carter of Quincy, just my best fishermen of the year.

The season started in May with the FLOUNDER. This has been the best year for flat fish in quite a long time. There were not a lot of small fish, mostly keepers. With clam bellies as chum and worm as the ticket, we were limiting out on almost every charter. The flounder stayed strong until the end of June. Gary Bermeister of New Jersey, who has been a long time customer, booked two consecutive days and took home 90 flounder. The Spring's cold water temperatures had the Mackerel hanging around offshore for a longer period of time with all of the big bass underneath them. Both live mackerel and the Umbrella Rig with a 9" soft bait trailer were the tackle of choice.

As for the Bass, the fishing has been different, but good. The bait in the region was quite large, so the tactics of past years did not work well. I found that while many rock piles were full of bass, others were totally empty. If you were lucky and hit a hot spot, it was non stop catching. The fish were on the smaller side, but very large in number. The staple of food as in many past years was not lobster and crab, but more pogies and herring. Another factor that may have affected the bass fishing in the bay was the water temperature. Over the past several years we averaged water temperatures close to 75 degrees. This year the bay dropped to an average between 63 and 71 degrees. For those reasons, I believe, the bass simply did not come to certain areas. With patience and live bait, there were some larger bass to be found. This years jumbo pogies made it difficult for bass under 36" to swallow the bait. This gave us tons of chasers, but few takers.

The Bluefish season was productive for only a short period of time. Offshore ocean runners were up to 36" and very fat. The downrigger worked well with these fish staying in waters between 50 and 80 feet.

From August to the end of September the Tuna were in abundance on the Northwest Corner of Stellwagen Bank. 75% of our trips on the Pescador produced Tuna, with the average catch in the range of 125 lbs. First light and live bait (menhaden) were the ticket of choice for bluefin tuna. Peter Dolbeck, our youngest fisherman form Quincy, MA, fought a bluefin tuna of 120 lbs. and put it in the box in 15 minutes on a stand up system.

The frigid waters of mid October forced an abrupt end to my fishing season. With the Midnight IV out of the water and Florida calling, I want to again thank all of my fellow fisherman as well as loyal customers for making this an unbelievably memorable season. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you all next season.

Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2008

DATE: Monday, September 15, 2008
NAME: Anatole Russo
FROM: France
WHERE: North shore
REPORT: Pliant Bluefish with some nice Bass under Biggest Blue 35" Bass up to 40 "
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Fish on 7 'of water
DATE: Thursday, September 18, 2008
NAME: Charles Durrant
WHERE: North shore
REPORT: Same as the day before Biggest BASS 38"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
Memo: Windy get wait a little.

DATE: Friday, September 19, 2008
NAME: Robert Morales
FROM: Braintree
WHERE: Spectacle Island
REPORT: 15 Bluefish and 4 Bass all keepers. 2 Keep for the grill 38 and 40 Lbs
BAIT &TACKLE: Start with pogies and finish with Umbrella
MEMO: Hard to find Pogies water very cloudy and waves to 1' also to many boats for me.
Left and found fish where no boat was in sight.

DATE: Saturday, September 20, 2008
NAME: Henry Bordage
FROM: Montreal Canada
Where: North Shore
REPORT: Ocean runner Bluefish many, many. Move to the rock of Mahant 10 Bass up to 36"
BAIT &TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: No bird in sight. Last year was all action on the surface at that time.


DATE: Monday, August 18, 2008
NAME: Gerard Leonard
FROM: Canada
WHERE: Stellwagen Bank
REPORT: From the PESCADOR. TUNA a lot around. Not on the bit mood. Only few caught
BAIT & TACKLE: The best Slugo back color
MEMO: More fish are coming in

DATE: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
NAME: John Osborn
FROM: Quincy
WHERE: Airport, Rainsfort
REPORT: 20 Bass all just under 28"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
Memo: Morning charter. Very Windy hard to stair the boat, drift side way

DATE: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
NAME: Paul Mc Gregor
FROM: Arkansas
WHERE: Nahant.
REPORT: 10 Bass 4 over 28" up to 40"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: After noon charter, wind quiet down. A lot of grass on the surface. Quality fish

DATE: Saturday, August 23, 2008
NAME: John Kardes ,
FROM: West Roxbury
Where: Any spot on the Boston Harbor and Riviere
REPORT: At any stop fish where there. Cut by bluefish also. 21 Bass and some Blue
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Bachelor party for John junior

DATE: Sunday, August 24, 2008
NAME: Dr Ravi Thadnami 3 kids and wife from France
FROM: Boston
Where: Rainsfort and the BG buoy
REPORT: 10 bass before moving offshore for ocean running Bluefish
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Bluefish 40 'down, nice and big fish, keep 5 for the grill


DATE: Monday, August 11, 2008
NAME: Joe Pepe
FROM: NY up state
WHERE: Airport, Gallop, spectacle
REPORT: 15 Bass up to 37"
BAIT & TACKLE: umbrella
MEMO: Trip with a family of 4. Fish in deeper water around the Island

DATE: Tuesday, August 12, 2008
NAME: John Brewer
FROM: NY city
WHERE: Reinfort Island, Quincy Bay, black rock etc……..
REPORT: 40 bass up to 38"
BAIT & TACKLE: umbrella
Memo: Rain, rain, but the fish go crazy. Just Father and son the kid 13 was very good after ½ of fishing

DATE: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
NAME: Marc Ward
FROM: Baltimore
WHERE: Steelwagen bank and back in the bay.
REPORT: A lot of commercial boat in Northwest corner but no TUNA in sight back in the bay 30 bass up to 36"
BAIT &TACKLE: offshore TUNA bar and Daisy chain. In shore umbrella

MEMO: After 2 hours of trolling for TUNA the kids (4 of them) turn white, time to go back in the bay.

DATE: Saturday, August 16, 2008
NAME: can't said it
MEMO: Said he will send deposit after I make 2 calls. No deposit and did not have the courtesy to cancel.

DATE: Sunday, August 17, 2008
NAME: Bob Young, Father and Brothers and nephew
FROM: Quincy
Where: Airport, Quincy Bay, Long Island
REPORT: 25 bass 4 Blues no Keeper bass
BAIT &TACKLE: umbrella
MEMO: The kid Anthony Ciraolo 11 year old perfect fisherman laid the line and reel bass on this own.

DATE: Monday, July 7, 2008
NAME: Al Pardo
FROM: Quincy MA
WHERE: Airport flat, and Nahant
REPORT: 27 bass keep 3 for the grill up to 34"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Bird working all over. A lot of weed on the water, but mostly 27"fish Gerry Vonfrymen from Holbrook have 5 bass on one rod 2

DATE: Wednesday, July 9, 2008
NAME: Kyle Tivault from Bridgwater and Philip Holmer from New Jersey 7 years old
FROM: Bridgewater and New Jersey
WHERE: Airport
REPORT: 21 bass up to 36"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Kyle Tivault got the biggest w/ the 36" see photo attach

DATE: Thursday, July 10, 2008
NAME: Hank and grand daughter Coutney(cooki)
FROM: Hough neck
WHERE: Airport
REPORT: 20 BASS up to 30"
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: Courney last 4 hours good girl. Grand father fisherman reader

DATE: Friday, July 12
NAME: Walter White and wife Pattie
FROM: Milton
WHERE: Nahant
REPORT: 12 Bass all good size
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO: A lot of weed fish the rocks, no bird.

DATE: Sunday, July 13
NAME: John Malouff and family
FROM : Rockland
WHERE: Nahant and the airport
REPORT : 12 bass keep 2 for the grill up to 35"
BAIT & TACKLE : Umbrella
MEMO : very windy, tuff fishing,


DATE: Monday, June 23, 2008
NAME: Greg John's
FROM: Hull, MA
WHERE: Airport, east of Boston light
REPORT: 40 bass 2 keepers up to 34" on a ½ day
BAIT & TACKLE: U mbrella
MEMO: Andrew John's 16 was the best of all with a 34"

DATE: Thursday, June 26, 2008
NAME: Alan Sharaf an 3 friends
FROM: Brookline
WHERE: Rainford and Hospital Shoal
REPORT: Enough flounder for dinner
BAIT & TACKLE: Chum w/ clams, bait -sea worm
Memo: Slow late afternoon, found drifting was the best way to catch fish

DATE: Saturday, June 28, 2008
NAME: Sally Adam's and family
FROM: Iowa
WHERE : Spectacle Island and Long Island
REPORT: 20 bass 4 keepers up to 33" on a ½ day
BAIT & TACKLE: Umbrella
MEMO : Thick fog all morning


Midnight Charter’s Fishing Report for 2007

MAY. The season began just off-shore where the cod and haddock were in abundance. On Stellwagen Bank the mussel bed produces cod up to 30 lbs, while on the east side, it was easy to locate schools of haddock. In shore, the Bass reached 30 lbs as they followed and feed on live mackerel. The Umbrella did the trick especially well at catching medium size fish. As soon the water turned 53 degrees, the Flounder where in action. By the 15th of May the fish were a lot fatter with gains of 3 lbs. The end of the month included catches with a mix of cod and flounder.

JUNE. Flounder where fat and plentiful with the catch limit reached in only few hours. The cod fishing was also abundant, but the quality was offset by the smaller sizes. For a second month, the off-shore cod and haddock were in abundance. A few boxes of fat fish were picked up in short order. Bass where in full swing, with the birds working the bait and the school of bass under it. 15 to 30 lb. bass was the norm for the 4 hour charters. Most of the keepers where in the 30”to 37” range. TUNA. Bill did very well on Stellwagen bank and Peaked hill bar, trolling squid bar. Fish were around 60 lbs. with some reaching 110 lbs.

JULY. Early in the month the fishing was hot for bass. By the middle of the month the fish found deeper water which slowed down the catches. Pogies where in Wollaston beach, making for nice live bait. Although there were less bass, they were getting bigger at 20 to 30 lbs. The umbrella took in more fish many in the 30” to 36” range. Smaller size Bluefish could be found using light tackle. TUNA. Bill did well on Stellwagen catching 50 to 60 pounders at the northwest corner early in the morning. As the crowd arrived, fish moved to BG boy resulting in an afternoon of trolling. This was the best time to troll with a slack tide, and then gigging the schools.

AUGUST. Very busy month with good fishing all month long including my biggest fish of the season; 47 lbs the Angler MARK WHITE from Milton MA. The proof was pictured on the Fisherman Magazine and the Spray. The fish was caught on my umbrella in 10 ft of water off Logan Airport. Live bait was the recipe for producing some nice fish during the month. TUNA. August fish were found on the southwest end of the bank. Fish were in the mid 70 lbs with a whopper over 120 lbs.

SEPTEMBER. Pogies were no challenge. One Pogie was caught for every big bass or big blue. The bass averaged 20 lbs or more. Small umbrella on 5 lbs breaded line worked very well. We averaged 30 fish during a ½ day charter with some days under the birds working the bait, 50 schoolies, 2 or 3 at a time. Two days in the row we tallied 60 bass in 5 hours. TUNA. Bill started to slow down on the tuna and switched to big bass on live pogie.

OCTOBER. Fishing was just like September. For some reason the pogie, bass and blue refused to leave the bay. There were less fish but all were big. We pulled the boat out for the winter and prepared for some Florida time for the tired Captain.

NOVEMBER. Some extra fishing found a big surprise. The bass and blue still eating pogies. Never in my 27 years of chartering have I see fish so late.

Thank you for a wonderful 2007 season. Hope to see you in the spring.
Capt. Roger

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